Custom & New Home Site Work

Ready to build your new dream home? With over 30 years’ experience we can provide you with all of your excavation needs, starting from the beginning of the project to the final grade. We work with the best custom builders in the area, giving you the confidence you need that the job will be done correctly.  We are also available to be hired as general contractors to ensure you receive the best quality of work performed.



Septic Systems: Installation, Repairs & Replacements

Building a new home means you’ll need a septic system. We install new septic systems designed to the engineer’s plans. Don’t have a plan yet? No problem, we can refer you to engineers we have worked with for years.

Septic System repairs & Replacement

It’s a dirty job, but we're always ready to do it.  Whether it is locating and digging up your existing septic tank to get pumped, or replacing an entire system which has been damaged, we will help you get back to using your kitchen and bathrooms as you normally would.  We replace septic tanks as well as leach fields depending on the extent of damage.


We work with your builder and mason to dig your foundation to your site plan's specifications.  We make sure there is a steady line of communication with the builder and mason so everyone is on the same page.  If you haven't contracted a mason yet, we can recommend one for you as well.

Modular & Mobile Home Site Work

Looking to put up a modular or mobile home? With our pre-fab construction and site work experience, including digging/leveling for foundations or concrete pads, septic system installation, drain installation, and digging/backfilling your water and electric lines, we will help complete your project.


Lot Clearing

Need trees cut down, stumps removed or a path cut/cleared to your lake or pond? We’ve got you covered. We can also level out a large area for a horse farm or a garage.



Have an older house or mobile home on your property that is no longer livable or desirable? We can tear that down for you & have all of the debris hauled away.


Do you have some running water on your property or believe there is a spring there? We can dig any size pond you need while following all rules and regulations with respect to the environment.


We deliver red shale, stone, crusher run, sand & top soil to you.  We have the machinery & knowledge to place, spread and level material as requested.